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about AD FED

The Advertising Federation of Minnesota (Ad Fed) is a non-profit, professional trade association that has served the Minnesota advertising community including agencies, advertisers, suppliers, and students, for more than 110 years. Ad Fed is a part of The American Advertising Federation (AAF), the nation’s oldest national advertising trade association. Ad Fed members volunteer their time and talents to plan and execute events that are overseen by a board of directors. Ad Fed offers networking opportunities, seminars, speaker presentations and other fun and industry focused events. It celebrates the Twin Cities’ market strength and the global impact that our community makes through leading brands, creative advertising campaigns, and sound business practices.

Signature events managed by Ad Fed and Ad2 board and committee members include:

  • The Show
  • Silver Medal and Paul Foss Awards
  • Failure to Fabulous
  • Ad Fed Media Panel Luncheon
  • Student Advertising Summit
  • Women's Leadership Panel
  • 32 Under 32
  • Mentorship Program
  • Agency Crawls







    • Check-in with Board members and committees monthly to help ensure goals are set and implemented.  Help streamline process as they arise

    • Designate an area of interest to work on while in the Vice President Role.

    • Lead all meetings should the President be absent.

    • Sit on the Executive Team

    • Three year commitment: VP, President, Past President.

    • Attend all Ad Fed Board meetings, programs, and events. Attend as many Ad 2 programs and events as possible.

    • Work with office to ensure one representative sits on all D8 calls on our behalf.

    • Attend AdAmerica national AAF conference 


    • Lead the planning for and execution of all aspects of The Show along with the other Tri-Chairs and The Show steering committee.

    • Work with steering committee, Agency of Record, and all other ancillary committees and contacts as the lead and main resource for Ad Fed with The Show.

    • Assist with the Call-for-Entries, judging weekend, invite delivery, award delivery.

    • Work diligently with Secretary, Executive Director, and Executive Committee to implement all plans and execute.

    • Assist in developing a reasonable budget for The Show.

    • Manage costs and revenues to meet or exceed budget. Complete forms working with the Treasurer.

    • Co-ordinate volunteers for day of set up and night of take down.

    • Attend all meetings with Agency of Record and lead the relationship with and direction to the Agency of Record.

    • Seek, develop, and foster good sponsorship relationships.


    • Plan and execute 3-4 Ad Fed programs per year in a varying genre or topic.

    • Work in partnership with Ad2 to ensure partnership and collaboration.

    • Develop and execute communication plans in conjunction with Ad Fed Communications team to ensure great promotion.

    • Develop reasonable budgets for each program, manage costs and revenues to meet or exceed budget. Complete necessary forms working with Treasurer.

    • Think strategically and creatively to identify program topics that pique the interest of both local and regional members and are engaging and relevant to industry trends.  

    • Be the main contact for Ad Fed with respect to all program speakers, moderators, and sponsors.

    • Identify and obtain sponsors for all programs.

    • Plan and execute day of events including catering, A/V, other miscellaneous duties.

    • Leverage or partner (when possible) with other trade associations for enhanced member/event benefits.


    • Develop marketing materials that will merchandise the value of being an AdFed MN annual or event sponsor.

    • Execute sponsorship sales strategy and supporting tactics that increase revenue.

    • Merchandise value of existing sponsors to maximize renewal and up-sell opportunities.

    • Be key contact with annual sponsors.

    • Collaborate with and assist Executive Director and specific program/event chairs with developing and retaining sponsors for specific events.  

    • Develop realistic and obtainable budget for sponsorship revenue; meet or exceed the budget.

    • Sales experience preferred.


    • Oversee written notice of all Ad Fed meetings.

    • Take and maintain minutes of each meeting.  

    • Oversee the correspondence of Ad Fed under the direction of the Board and/or the President.

    • Oversee the maintenance of Ad Fed’s records.


    • Manage the CRM on a weekly basis including pulling monthly reports relating to new and expiring members.

    • Proactively reach out to nonmember event attendees to grow membership base.

    • Manage and have good relations with flex member contacts and agencies in the community.

    • Develop new business (new members).

    • Attend all events and promote membership to the event attendees.

    • Develop realistic and obtainable budget for membership revenue; meet or exceed the budget.

    • Partner with Communications team, Executive Director, and full organization to leverage potential leads.

    • Think strategically and creatively to develop concepts for Ad Fed to add benefits to member base to commit and retain new members; propose new strategies to the Executive Committee.

    • Sales experience preferred.


    • The Marketing Chair helps the Board create the marketing strategy.

    • Help define event and organization marketing needs.

    • Works with Communications Co-Chairs, Design Chair on organization marketing strategy.

    • Works with event Co-Chairs for individual event marketing plans.

    • Evaluate plans, strategies, and outcomes for event and organization marketing efforts.

    • Help build relations between Ad Fed and area advertising agencies and local in-house marketing departments.

    • Designer and Copywriter Chairs help support the Marketing Chair.

    Whether you want to bring your leadership skills to a board position or you’re hoping to get more involved through a committee, we want to hear from you! Submit online applications by Saturday, May 26.
    — Alex Denholm, 2018-2019 Ad Fed President


    • The Treasurer shall supervise, under the control of the Board of Directors, the finances of the Federation, in a bank or trust company selected by the Board of Directors, all Federation monies: Collect all sums due to the Federation from all sources; issue receipts; make all authorized disbursements; and at each Annual Business Meeting render an itemized statement certified by an Auditing committee of three (3) appointed by the President, of the financial condition of receipts and disbursements of the Federation of the current fiscal year. 
    • The Treasurer shall be bonded for an amount to be determined by the Board of Directors.

    technology chair

    • Oversee multiple websites, servers, domains and platforms used by Ad Fed and Ad2
    • Coordinate with Marketing Chairs and Digital Strategy Chair to improve digital ecosystem
    • Optimize digital platform for productivity and cost efficiencies 



    • Must attend 2-hour monthly board meetings, located downtown Minneapolis after work hours
    • Time commitment varies by role; ultimately you get out what you put in, ranging from 5 to 15 hours per month
    • First meetings where attendance is required are:

      • June 14, 2018 at 5:30PM

      • July 10, 2018 Ad Fed + Ad 2 Board Retreat @ Lurie 

    Committee Members

    • Support board initiatives by committee
    • Time commitment varies by committee, ranging from 3 to 10 hours per month (The Show Committee is only exception, whereby involvement is greater)


    Our culture





    To apply for the 2018-2019 Ad Fed or Ad2 board, please complete the form below.

    Applications will be reviewed by the current board and follow-up interviews may be requested. By completing this form, you understand that this is a volunteer position of the most passionate agency and advertiser executives in Minnesota. Applications due May 26, 2018. Selected board members will be notified the first week of June.

    Not ready to take on a board position? Join as a committee member.

    Consider joining a committee or being an Ad Fed or Ad 2 volunteer. We are always looking for extended support! If time is a constraint, you may Email with your resume. We are especially seeking copywriters, web developers, and other skilled professionals. Joining a committee is a great way to build your resume!

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